(Wo)Men’s Land - Land Policy Development and Land Reform in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

University essay from Lunds universitet/Nationalekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: In this thesis, the currently much debated issues of Land Policy Development and Land Reform are discussed. The authors use existing theories on the topic and these are then applied on three East African case countries; namely Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The authors recognise the especially deprived role of women’s land related rights and this matter is given extra attention. It is concluded that the three countries do recognise land reform as one of the main means in fighting poverty and achieving economic growth. Many different policy sectors are much dependent on how land is used, not at least the agricultural sector which accounts for providing the absolute majority of these countries’ populations with a livelihood. The important role of women is also taken seriously upon, at least in the political rhetoric. In the statutory laws, women have been given the same rights as men. However, in the rural areas, it is customary rules and attitudes that are followed, leaving women with few rights or options to decide over their own situation.

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