Texting Sherlock - An intermedial analysis of visual intra-diegetic text in the TV-Series Sherlock

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för intermediala studier

Abstract: This essay aims for a qualitative examination and discussion on the use of intra-diegetic text in the BBC-series Sherlock. With the purpose of identifying its impact on the viewer position and the presentation of genre, different theories from the area of intermediality and film studies, such as Lars Elleström and Agnes Pethö, are presented and applied to the examination of three selected scenes from the series. The hermeneutical analysis proposes that the inclusion of intra-diegetic text in a rather unusual way contributes to an increased feeling of immersion and influences the positioning of the perceiver. Furthermore, it seems to support the genre of crime-fiction in various ways and suggests ways on how to mirror modern culture, for example the use of technology in daily life, in cultural text such as TV-series.

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