Kinds of industries over- and underrepresented in CRM case studies

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Abstract: The purpose of this case study is to determine if there are any under- or overrepresented industries in CRM case studies. CRM stands for customer relationship management and can be applied as a system to help the sales manager in an industry to control the activities and their customers. CRM enable long-term relationships with customer and to retaining key customer. The top findings in this case study is that the hotel industry is by far the leader of CRM case studies and therefore the overrepresented industry. The underrepresented industries when it comes to amount of CRM case studies is the digital content industry, retailing industry, pharmaceutical industry and the telecommunication industry. The conclusion in this case study is that all the service industries are dependent on the CRM-systems and therefore a lot of case studies have been composed about the subject. Another conclusion is that that CRM-systems cannot be ignored by any industries since the economy is customer orientated.

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