Study of the effective factors for attracting medical tourism in Iran

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Author: Zahra Kazemi; [2008]

Keywords: medical tourism; attracting; effective;

Abstract: It is confidentially predicted that over the next decade, Asia will have
one of the fastest growing tourist populations in the world. Medical
tourism in Asia is however relatively new, brought on in the aftermath of
the Asian Financial Crisis that led first private hospitals in some Asian
countries to seek alternative revenue sources. Nowadays many Asian
countries such as Iran with high potentiality for attract medical tourism
have sought to enter this market.
This paper sets out to determine the effective factor for attracting
medical tourists to Iran and examined the actual potential that foreign
patients represent based on such as costs, quality and aspect of
marketing mix. Also investigated the role of the government and related
organizations in this markets. Iranian medical facilities according to
special situation of Iran can provide a massive potential for medical and
health tourism. Iran can become a hub of medical tourism in the region
in future.