Rein tension measures as indicator of horse - rider communication

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

Author: Cecilia Öhman; [2009]

Keywords: rein tension; horese; communication;

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to gather knowledge about the functioning of the rein tension meter and test it for future studies of match and mismatch between rider and horse. We looked specifically into the possibilities to use a rein-tension meter to determine the quality of cooperation between horse and rider. We examined whether a rider shows a specific tension pattern and also if certain patterns could be recognised for a specific horse. During the study, a manual with pictures and text was written to support the practical use of the meter. The manual describes in a simple way the first steps in the installation and use of the meter. A test has been carried out in which four riders were riding three horses through a specific track while their rein tension was measured continuously by the meter. The results were then evaluated and interpreted using the Signal Scribe program to get the diagram for each rein showing the tension in the rein for each second. It was concluded that by using various tools like a video camera to record the rides and the horse and riders behaviour or a judge judging the communication between rider and horse, the meter can be a valuable additional tool to read the communication between rider and horse and also read the specific pattern of a rider or horse which can explain way rider and horse have problems working together. This way specific training can be individualised to better the match between the two parties.

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