Jeanine Rueff Sonata : did the composer use some dodecaphonic series in the piece or did she write it in a free form?

University essay from Kungl. Musikhögskolan/Institutionen för klassisk musik

Abstract: Abstract Jeanine Rueff ́s Sonata is a dodecaphonic piece for an unaccompanied saxophone. The aim of this thesis is two fold: First I will do an analysis of the Sonata to try to discover if she used some characteristic series (original, inverted, retrograde, inverted-retrograde...) in her style or, otherwise, she wrote free form. Then, I am going to talk about this technique and the evolution from classical music to atonality and, eventually, I am going to perform the piece in my final master recital. Key words: Saxophone, Jeanine Rueff, twelve-tone technique, classical saxophone, analysis, musical research, Daniel Deffayet.

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