Investigation of Wafer Level Au-Si Eutectic Bonding of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) with Silicon

University essay from KTH/Mikrosystemteknik

Author: Sobia Bushra; [2011]

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Abstract: The objective of this research work was to investigate the low temperature gold silicon eutectic bonding of SMA with silicon wafers. The research work was carried out to optimize a bond process with better yield and higher bond strength. The gold layer thickness, processing temperature, diffusion barrier, adhesive layer, and the removal of silicon oxide are the important parameters in determining a reliable and uniform bond. Based on the previous work on Au-Si eutectic bonding, 7 different Si substrates were prepared to investigate the effect of above mentioned parameters. Cantilevers with different bond sizes were prepared from SMA and steel sheets. Afterwards, these cantilevers were bonded to the prepared substrates. The bond yield and bond strength are the two parameters which establish the bond quality. Quantitative analysis was carried out by shear tests. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Mapping were used for the analysis of the bond interface and diffusion of elements across the bond. The research has resulted in bonding of SMA cantilevers onto silicon wafers with high yield and bond strength. Steel cantilever can also be bonded by Au-Si eutectic alloy but the processing of the steel sheet is critical. Further research is needed for the fabrication of steel cantilevers and to investigate the stresses across the bond interface. It was found that the amount of gold is the key factor for reliable bonding.

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