Why are managers curious about Corporate Social Responsibility? A case study at Gambro

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Title: Why are managers curious about Corporate Social Responsibility? A case study at Gambro Seminar date: 31 May 2012 Course: FEKN90, Master thesis in business administration, 30 University Credit Points (30 ECTS) Authors: Kubilay Orman and Philip Hedestad Advisor: Thomas Kalling Five key words: Corporate Social Responsibility, curiosity, fashion, leadership, management Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to improve the understanding to why managers are curious about CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. Methodology: This study is based on a qualitative study with an abductive approach which was executed at Gambro Lundia AB, Lund. Semi-structured interviews, based on a theoretical framework, have been primary data for this study. Eleven managers were interviewed at approximately one hour each. Our results were then coupled and compared with our theoretical framework to depict similarities and differences between theory and empirics. Theoretical perspectives: This thesis has the following theoretical perspectives in order to answer its purpose; To discuss the meaning of CSR and depict its confusions as an idea. To discuss what constitutes an institution and its power. To understand within the process of translation the properties of ideas, fashions, and the importance of actors. To discuss and depict the characteristics of being a manager Empirical foundation: Our empirics are based on interviews made with eleven managers at Gambro, Lund. Each interview lasted for about one hour. Conclusions: We have in our research found 17 different driving forces to why managers are curious about CSR. Within these there lies a paradox between ideas as institution and fashion. Amplifying that paradox there also lies managerial elements which make managers more prone to become more curious about CSR.

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