The role of media reported weather shocks on mutualfund capital flow : A comparison of socially responsible- and conventional funds

University essay from Umeå universitet/Företagsekonomi

Abstract: Identifying factors that affect the flow of mutual fund capital and betweenmutualfund types hasthe potential, among others,to relief fund management and investors from unnecessary administrative costs. This study investigated the role media reported weather shocks have on socially responsible and conventional mutual trust funds’capital flow.The study also has compared the magnitude of influence media reported weather shocks has on capital flow between socially responsible-and convectional mutualtrustfunds.It gives conclusionafter empirically studying all accessible socially responsible mutual trust fundswith relevant accessible financial data, originated, and actively traded in the Swedish financial market with the Swedish currency (Kronor) as well as taking conventional mutual trustfundswith similar maturity. And, the study result shows that media reported weather shocks has statistically significant role in the flow of capital, on bothsocially responsible-and conventional mutual funds in Sweden. It also shows that there is no significant difference in the role media reported weather shocks play between the two fundtypes. The result is concurrent with Hirshleifer & Shumway (2003)’s study which indicate that weather affecting investors mood and behavior. The result is interesting as it implicates to the psychological and emotional factorsplaying a significant role in affecting the flow of investment capital in general, in contrast to the rational economic behavior characterized by fund return and risk performance.

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