Transportation demands : of chilled and frozen groceries

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik och samhälle

Abstract: Today focus on the environemnt is bigger than ever before. UN writes in their climate agenda that they by 2030want to cut the food waste per capita in half. There are strict regulations today regarding how food needs to betransported and stored, but as soon as the consument takes, for example, milk from the frigde at a store there areonly a few guidelines about how the product should be stored. If a chilled or frozen product is not kept insidethe range of the given temperature, a microbilogical growth will begin. This leads to that the food goes bad or,in worst case, that the consumer gets poisoned. There is a change happening today in how the consumers shoptheir food and more focus is layed upon the customer to handle their grocery shopping by themselves. This project focuses on developing a solution that will help the consumer to keep their food at the right temperatureduring an extended period of time. The project is carried out in Stockholm during 20 weeks in collaborationwith IKEA of Sweden in Älmhult. The target group in this project is IKEA’s broad customer group.With help from a Human Centered Design process this project goes through the three phases; inspiration,ideation and implementation. The project has been formed with interaction through workshops with differentexternal actors like users and focus groups. The ideation resulted in four simpler concepts that verged in to twothrough external decision making with supervisors from IKEA of Sweden. During the project, the prototypeshave been used together with users to evaluate the usability of the concepts. The result consists of two concepts; Behålla and Blåsa, that are aimed to meet two different users that hasbeen identified through surveys and interviews. Behålla is a smaller product that is target towards the user thatbrings food with them to work or school, also to those who buys less groceries at the store. Blåsa is, in contrastto Behålla, a bigger product that is targeted towards the customers that buys a bigger set of chilled and frozengroceries. Additionally four color variations has been created to offer IKEA alternative executions. These conceptsare visualized with renderings through Adobe Illustratior. With these concepts IKEA can enlarge theirsustainability profile and offer their customers two new products to keep their chilled and frozen foods cold.

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