Strategic Alliance Formation in a Dynamic Environment : A Business Ecosystem perspective applied to Strategic Alliances in the Online Media Industry

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: The online media industry has undergone changes during the last decades. Driven by technology advancements, there has been an increasing number of actors that can enhance the value of service in the media industry. The fast changing environment calls for a dynamic lens when analyzing strategic alliances forming between actors in the industry, thus this study uses a Business Ecosystem perspective to analyze how alliances should be formed to enable competitive advantage. A xase study was performed on a world leading provider of broadcast and media services to analyze how the dynamic setting affects suitable strategic alliance forms, using a partner selection framework to identify possible alliances. The results showed most potential within alliance forms of lower intergration, such as Franchise, Licensing Agreement or  Arms-Lenght Market relation. Hurdels for the higher forms of integration were identified as mostly caused by requirements of low investments and implementation times in the fast moving dynamic environment.  Identified future work is presented as performing a similar study where these hurdels are nonexistent to further analyze which alliance forms are applicable in a dynamic industry. 

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