Color Segmentation using LVQ-Learning Vector Quantization

University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Datateknik

Author: Hussain Jabbar; [2010]

Keywords: Color; RGB; HSV; Hue; Saturation; Pixel; Matrix; MATLAB; LVQ.;


This thesis aims to present a color segmentation approach for traffic sign recognition based on LVQ neural networks. The RGB images were converted into HSV color space, and segmented using LVQ depending on the hue and saturation values of each pixel in the HSV color space. LVQ neural network was used to segment red, blue and yellow colors on the road and traffic signs to detect and recognize them. LVQ was effectively applied to 536 sampled images taken from different countries in different conditions with 89% accuracy and the execution time of each image among 31 images was calculated in between 0.726sec to 0.844sec. The method was tested in different environmental conditions and LVQ showed its capacity to reasonably segment color despite remarkable illumination differences. The results showed high robustness.

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