Feasibility of Point Grid Room First Structure Generation : A bottom-up approach

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för kreativa teknologier

Abstract: Context. Procedural generation becomes increasingly important for videogames in an age where the scope of the content required demands bot a lot of time and work. One of the fronts of this field is structure generation where algorithms create models for the game developers to use. Objectives. This study aims to explore the feasibility of the bottom-up approach within the field of structure generation for video games. Methods. Developing an algorithm using the bottom-up approach, PGRFSG, and utilizing a user study to prove the validity of the results. Each participant evaluates five structures giving them a score based on if they belong in a video game. Results. The participants evaluations show that among the structures generated were some that definitely belonged in a video game world. Two of the five structures got a high score though for one structure that was deemed as not the case. Conclusions. A conclusion can be made that the PGRFSG algorithm creates structures that belong in a video game world and that the bottom-up approach is a suitable one for structure generation based on the results presented.

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