Creating a graphical user interface for cross-platform devices with a user-centered agile process

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Abstract: PC-Dart is a software that the Swedish Armed Forces use to communicate when active on the field. They are limited to using the program only on Windows operating system, and their devices are not suitable for challenging contexts. It is not convenient for the army to bring impractical devices to the field, and it requires the soldiers to bring sleds of batteries and charging equipment with them. This thesis explores the possibilities of recreating the graphical user interface onto other platforms such as Android and Linux. It helps to increase the mobility on the field for the troops of the Swedish Armed Forces, which also means that there is not any restrictions by using their program on one platform. The development of the program required a pilot study on what available cross-platform frameworks to use in terms of developing an application that works on multiple platforms. Together with a relevant framework and a custom user-centered agile work process, this thesis strives to create an application that is cross-platform and with a graphical user interface that old users of the previous program can relate to. The project results show that a graphical user interface can be developed with a cross-platform framework while working in a user-centered agile process. However, it also shows that it can be a lot of work for one person, negatively affecting the process.

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