In search of differential Space

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


The aim is to explore indigenous life situation and by identifying problems in service and infrastructure,health and social aspects provide suggestions on how the current situation can be improved.The goal is to provide a proposal for a plan for a new community with homes that are adapted to theindigenous people’s needs and unique tradition. The plan is part of the modernization taking place inChiapas but where indigenous traditions and culture are preserved and taken advantage of. How wouldthe housing and community planning look like? What can you learn from indigenous practices to takecare of our nature and self‐sufficiency? What type of modernization from the West is important andhow to combine tradition and modernity?A number of new housing for the relocation of indigenous people has been built. These neighborhoodshave received much criticism. Santiago el Pinar is an example. The indigenous were moved to minimalhouses built on stilts in a dry hillside without vegetation. There is absolutely no land to cultivate, thefloors are made of wood which makes it impossible to cook on the floor the traditional way and thereare no natural meeting places. The new housing is absolutely not linked to the people's needs andbackground.In the autonomous communities where indigenous people live today, there is a great opportunity tofurther develop sustainable agriculture because these communities opposes neoliberalism, capitalisttrade and multinational control. At the same time they develop an autonomous system for training andregional reinforcement. There are efforts to strengthen the culture of origin and the knowledge ofhealth, education and traditional agriculture. In The housing program which the state built the residents'life is based on consumption, and they depend on the state apparatus. Food could previously beobtained relatively easily at low or no cost. In The "rural town", people must, in contrast to past lives inthe countryside, buy everything.Important in this project is to find and exploit opportunities in indigenous society today and strengthenthese but also modernize so that access to services, infrastructure an architecture improves.

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