Skievvá Spa

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


Skievvá spa, an opportunity to discover and take part of the peculiar landscape in one of the most beautiful fjords in Northern Norway, Skjomenfjorden (Narvik).An opportunity to discover the “real” Narvik. An architecture that reinforces the impressions and the sensations in the landscape on different scales. Here the bath is the central space. A spa, a landscape hotel and a trekking station.The complex scale of nature is intensified through the large scale framing architecture. The unique and custom site with its program strengthens the tourism industry and attract more visitors to the North Norwegian mountains.ountains and Narvik.I have always been fascinated by the tremendous and dramatic scenographic landscape of northern Norway. This is where I have my roots. I visit Narvik and Skjomen(Skievvá) every year since have family here, and also I’m addicted of the sensational nature and the purifying boost and revitalisation it gives you. I want more people to visit and explore this treasure. The scenery and outlooks in different scales have been an important part of my process. The buildings have framings and windows to frame and enhence the beautiful  scenery and elements in the environment. In an open complex landscape like this, the relationship between volumes is very important, spacing and proportions. An architecture that blends in with the surrounding and competes with it at the same time. I wanted to give the landscape, the mountain, a scale.The project is largely about architectural elements meeting the scenery and terrain and how to encounter the landscape. But just as much about  how the architecture affects and enables one to take advantage of this incredible landscape.

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