Design of power supplies for Piezo LEGS and SiC experiment : KTH Student satellite MIST

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Abstract: KTH is funding a project whose goal is to send a satellite into space. This project is called MIST (Miniature Student Satellite) which is assembled by a team of students at KTH. On the satellite there are experiments that are invented by other teams, in two of those experiments a power supply is required. This thesis is a technical investigation on how to design the power supply to both of those experiments, which are called SiC and Piezo LEGS. Piezo LEGS will investigate how their nanosized motors will behave and function in a space environment. SiC will investigate how their silicone carbide transistors will be affected by the space environment. A team made of four other students was selected to produce SiC experiments and a PCB in which this work is included. A literature study was done to get a better understanding of how power supplies work and to know how to select a good power supply. When the power supplies were selected they were simulated to meet the requirements. The next step was to do a Printed Circuit Board(PCB) for the SiC experiment and Piezo LEGS to be able to test the power supplies functionality in the physical world. Both of the converters reached the required output and characteristics working on their respective PCB. More time is needed for long time testing and optimization on the PCB layouts.

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