Factors Affect the Employment of Youth in China

University essay from Växjö universitet/Ekonomihögskolan, EHV

Author: Xiaoxue Li; [2009]

Keywords: employment; logistic regression;


Today's young people are well-educated ever but in a poor employment situation. At the beginning of this paper, I first state the situation both in the world and in China, revealing the poor employment situation of youth. Then I introduce systems related to youth employment in China and measures the government taken to help graduate students to find a job. The purpose of this paper is to analyze employment of youth people in China especially among the medium and highly educated people and find which and how the factors contribute to it. By using the Logistic Regression by STATA, I find that the main factors are gender, age, living area, and political status, major and educational level. The result reveals that the discrimination and gap between rural and urban area are severe issues in China. Last but not least, I give some suggestions both to the society and the individual to improve the youth employment.

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