The Child’s Previous Experiences of Health Care Affects on the Child’s Anxiety in Connection to Anaesthetic Induction: A Systematic Review

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper

Author: Janina Björklund; [2018]

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Abstract: Background: Preoperative anxiety in children is a common phenomenon, 40-70% of all children shows signs of fear, distress or anxiety, which peaks during the time of anesthesia induction. These preoperative emotions have also been associated with a number of negative clinical postoperative outcomes including slower postoperative recovery, and higher doses of postoperative analgesia   Aim: To summarize published studies that explore the relationship between children´s previous experience of health care and preoperative anxiety in connection with anesthetic induction.   Method: A review with systematic approach based on SBU directions was conducted. Articles were searched in PubMed. The methodological quality of the included studies was evaluated. The analysis included both prospective and retrospective observational studies.   Results: In all, 13 studies were included. The factor previous negative experience of health care (eg vaccination and previous dental and surgery procedures) increases the distress during the preoperative period. This finding was demonstrated in 70% of all articles that were included in the review.   Conclusions: The present review highlights how children’s previous negative experiences of healthcare affect their anxiety during the preoperative period. Attention to pharmacological and psychological issues relieving children´s anxiety at anesthesia induction is important. The health care staff plays an important role, and are responsible in these situations.

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