Analys och förslag av layout av en verkstadsindustri.

University essay from JTH, Maskinteknik

Abstract: Skillingaryds stålrörsindustri AB handles different kinds of steel pipes and got their market mainly in the furniture industry and in department stores. At the moment the company find themselves in a strong up going course. In a few years the company’s turnover has increased with over 10 million SEK. This has led to a demand for structure changes and reorganizing through the company. The development has forced the company to invest in new premises, which must be adapted for the production and further expansion of the company. This report describes how an analysis of the present layout has been made and how effectivity and flow can be improved between machines, storage and personal. By using the method Simplified systematic layout planning, three proposals have been made. To give the clearest picture as possible of the layouts, all machines and buildings were drawn in a 3D CAD-program called Solid Works. This will also give the company resources to continue to work with the material in case of another expansion. Suggestion D scored the most points in the valuation and is considered to be the best solution. It is based on a big central storage and a compact machine park. The suggestion provides a smooth flow through the production line and short distances between machines while having large spaces for storage and assembly. During the course of this paper a few instances of superfluous transports, bad storage handling and lack of order have been detected. Skillingaryds stålrörsindustri AB is recommended to start working with 5S. Labelling of articles is of importance when it comes to create order and standardization of areas to help the personal to find the items they need.

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