Enhancing User Engagement in Mobenga’s Sportsbook

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Abstract: Online sports betting is a billion-dollar industry with fierce competition to deliver the best possible experience. To be able to withstand the competition from rivals, bookmakers needs to be able to differentiate themselves with innovative and cutting edge solutions that offers a complete user experience. The goal of this master thesis is to investigate how sportsbook users perceive current betting solutions and based on these results find potential way to increase the sportsbook’s user engagement. In order to achieve these goals, this thesis included an evaluation of the current user experience for one of Mobenga’s sportsbooks. This consisted of conducting a cognitive walkthrough and a field study with ten participants taking place in the sportsbooks real context. Furthermore, a user-centered design process, focusing on user engagement, was conducted. The design process was divided into three iterations: one conceptual iteration, one low fidelity prototype iteration and one high fidelity prototype iteration. The results of this master thesis points to that there are room for improvements in Mobenga’s current solution, especially in terms of hedonics since the usability was on a very good level. In addition, the results indicate that a smart and clean introduction of new and more engaging features could increase the overall user engagement of a sportsbook without interfering with already existing functionality.

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