Using Arquillian to Improve Testing

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Tobias Evert; [2015]

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Cåbra is the main case handling system of the Swedish Prosecution Authority. It is being developed and maintained by Decerno, a consultant company specializing in dependable custom made business support systems. In an effort to increase cost efficiency and software quality Decerno wants to implement more automated testing. In order to make this easier this thesis project was started to evaluate available testing frameworks that can be used to test a Java Enterprise system like Cåbra. The main goal of this thesis project is to survey the available tools and pick one (or a set of tools that can be used together) to use evaluate further by implementing a proof of concept testing framework for Cåbra

As part of this thesis project a literature study was conducted to find out what testing techniques could benefit a system like Cåbra. Different testing techniques and testing evaluation metrics were examined during the study.

The result of this thesis project is a survey of Java Enterprise testing tools available, an implementation of a testing framework using Arquillian and an analysis of the potential benefits of using Arquillian for future testing work in the Cåbra team. Arquillian was picked and analyzed based on the information provided by the literature study.

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