Satisfaction;what makes us stay in a close relationship?

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Psykologiska institutionen


The purpose of the study was to study various factors which might influence the level

of satisfaction in close relationships. The theories which have been covered are: The

triangular theory of love, The Investment model, Bowlby´s and Ainsworth attachment

theories, The Equity theory, and the reward theory of attraction. The variables which

were studied were: intimacy, rewards, commitment and equity. The level of perceived

superiority was also studied, as well as satisfaction level in comparison to duration in

the current relationship. A multiple regression was employed to find out which one of

the variables above would associate strongest with satisfaction. A questionnaire was

used to collect the data and a reliability test was therefore carried out. 72

participants took part in the study, 44 females and 28 males. The result showed that

commitment had the strongest association with satisfaction, followed by intimacy.

The result also showed that there was a negative significant correlation between

superiority and level of satisfaction. More over the result did not show any

correlation between duration in the current relationship and satisfaction. Two

regressions were also performed to see which one of the variables (intimacy, reward,

commitment and equity) would associate strongest with satisfaction in two conditions.

The results showed that commitment had the strongest association for the condition

with the participants who had been in their relationship 1-6 years. Commitment also

had the strongest association in the other condition followed by intimacy. In this

condition the participants had been in their relationship for seven years or more. The

main discussion points have been the current results in comparison to other’s

research in the area as well as suggestions for future research.

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