Quantity surveying role in construction projects -a comparison of roles in Sweden and the UK

University essay from Malmö högskola/Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle (TS)

Abstract: Quantity surveying is concerned with controlling and managing the construction projects. Working with quantity surveying will give us an understanding of the technical aspects of construction over the whole life of a building or facility, accommodate the requirements of a building to suit the particular circumstances of a project, achieve the best quality and value within the client’s specifications and understand contracts, budgets, quantities and measurements.The aim of this study is to provide an introduction to the role of Quantity Surveying in the Construction Industry to explain the measurement process in variation order, waste management and preparing of the bills of quantities. Providing instruction in developing skills and logical approach in measuring simple building works and provide a platform for further studies in the measurement and pricing of building works.Choosing the right strategy is a crucial step when pursuing a desired goal, this necessity applies to companies, organizations, and individuals and as well research. A Comparison between Sweden and United Kingdom (UK) in project practices with focus on quantity surveying is studied to enable and increase the understanding of organizational roles and responsibilities for any construction project.This degree thesis contains four main parts and it is based on interviews with project team members chosen for the examination in different project based companies in Malmö and other cities in Sweden, and relevant theories and information from the literature and various reports.

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