Analysis of Simris Hybrid Energy System Design and Working and Checking the Effects of Using High Capacity Factor Wind Turbine

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap

Abstract: The world is entering the future where integration of renewable energy sources within the power grid will play an important role when facing the challenge of reducing global warming. The intermittent generation characteristics associate with renewable energy sources can be handled by the implementation of microgrids. A Microgrid is a group of energy source (e.g. wind, solar etc) that are located in the same local area that can operate independently in the event of electricity outage and can also be connected to the national grid in case of energy demand exceeds than the energy produced in the same local area. The implementation of microgrid in an electrical distribution system must be well planned to avoid problems. The EU has set high goals to reduce the non-renewable energy sources by 2030. EU has started some local energy systems (microgrids) and Simris is a part of it. This study is about a microgrid project at Simris in the south-east of Sweden. The village of Simris has 140 households supplied by a wind turbine of rated power 500kW and a solar power plant of 440 kW rated power. This project is run by E. ON within the framework and collaboration of Interflux, in which several network operators within the EU participate to investigate flexibility options in local energy systems.  The aim of this study is to find different scenarios in which the Simris microgrid can be run in islanded-mode. Four different scenarios were investigated, and simulation was done in MATLab. After simulation the results were discussed in the “Analysis and Results” section and the size of the wind turbine, the solar park (PV)and the battery were suggested for each of the scenarios. A short calculation was also included between the installation cost of the suggested wind turbine and the needed battery size. The cost of battery is much higher than the cost of wind turbine, so its beneficial for the economy of the microgrid to have a wind turbine of 1000 kW rated power and battery size 35 MWh rather than using the same old wind turbine of 469 kW rated power and upgrade the battery to 462 MWh. 

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