Performance of a Micro-CT System : Characterisation of Hamamatsu X-ray source L10951-04 and flat panel C7942CA-22

University essay from KTH/Skolan för teknik och hälsa (STH)


This master thesis evaluated the performance of a micro-CT system consisting of Hamamatsu microfocus X-ray source L10951-04 and CMOS flat panel C7942CA-22. The X-ray source and flat panel have been characterised in terms of dark current, image noise and beam profile. Additionally, the micro-CT system’s spatial resolution, detector lag and detector X-ray response have been measured. Guidance for full image correction and methods for characterisation and performance test of the X-ray source and detector is presented.

A spatial resolution of 7 lp/mm at 10 % MTF was measured. A detector lag of 0.3 % was observed after ten minutes of radiation exposure. The performance of the micro-CT system was found to be sufficient for high resolution X-ray imaging. However, the detector lag effect is strong enough to reduce image quality during subsequent image acquisition and must either be avoided or corrected for.

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