Automatic Room-Blueprint Extraction using SfM

University essay from Lunds universitet/Matematik LTH

Abstract: In this thesis the possibility of automatically generating a blueprint of an indoor area, for example a grocery store, using a smartphone camera and images from existing analytic or surveillance cameras was examined. The method used for the transition between 2D camera images and 3D reconstruction was Structure from Motion. Besides the blueprint, two other key features was implemented. One of these key features was to allow the user to position new cameras into the indoor area using a 3D GUI and to visualize what these cameras can see, given their rotation. The camera's field of view was also visualized in the 2D blueprint for improved overview. The other key feature was the ability to make an "update check", where an image from the active analytic or surveillance camera is compared to a reference image (previously captured by the camera) in order to detect missing or added objects.

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