Evaluation of different CMOS processes using a circuit optimization tool

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Elektroniksystem

Abstract: The geometry of CMOS processes has decreased in a steady pace over the years at the same time as the complexity has increased. Even if there are more requirements on the designer today, the main goal is still the same: to minimize the occupied area and power dissipation. This thesis investigates if a prediction of the costs in future CMOS processes can be made. By implementing several processes on a test circuit we can see a pattern in area and power dissipation when we change to smaller processes. This is done by optimizing a two-stage operational transconductance amplifier on basis of a given specification. A circuit optimization tool evaluates the performance measures and costs. The optimization results from the area and power dissipation is used to present a diagram that shows the decreasing costs with smaller processes and also a prediction of how small the costs will be for future processes. This thesis also presents different optimization tools and a design hexagon that can be used when we struggle with optimization trade-offs.

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