The Staging of Nynäs Castle : From Private Home to Museum

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för kultur och estetik

Author: Ellionore Schachnow; [2020]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: The thesis examines the reason behind the overtaking of Nynäs castle by the State Art Museums and how Nationalmuseum choose to stage the period rooms during 1984-2020 and how it relates to contemporary trends within museology. Furthermore, the thesis examines possible similarities in how the National Trust stages their historic houses. The thesis emanates from Emma Barker’s art historical approach to critical studies of the historic buildings owned by the Trust and discusses the possibilities and limitations of the historic house museums in the context of house museology. This thesis also discusses the differences between an ethnographic and an art museum in a historic house context and the function of the period room. The State Art Museum managed to receive funds for the acquisition of Nynäs collections through private donations and funds from the State. The original intention was to stage the interior rooms as it was found, and this approach partly resembles the staging of a house owned by the National Trust. This approach was questioned by Nationalmuseum during 2008 and they initiated a project of re-arranging the rooms which resulted in a chronological display. The display of the kitchen and service areas since the opening can relate to a rising interest in New Museology. 

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