Hard preppers and soft values

University essay from Konstfack/Industridesign

Abstract: Hard preppers and soft Values Survival of the fittest. Who is prepared for a crisis, and who will survive? What type of knowledge is needed to survive in todays society? When I received the folder ”If Crisis or War Comes” from MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) I felt a shiver of individualistic expectations to provide and protect yourself in a society where you can’t trust the community. This project is an attempt to challenge the camouflage green violent aesthetics disguised in a highly multifunctional pocketknife. An attempt to challenge who will survive. This is a project about discussing survival from a class and norm perspective thought aesthetics. Discussed in parts as prepping in food and water prepping and defense. All of them in a technique and aesthetics that provokes the topic and challenge the individualism of todays prepping system.

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