Standardization and modularization of Handling system : Optimization of choice of roller conveyors andloading / unloading tables for beam handling

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Author: Giulia Corti; [2019]

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Abstract: This project was commissioned by Ficep S.p.a. and performed in the field of product development with the aim of developing a method for the revision of product architectures in standardized modular configurations.The handling system for profiled beams has a generally well-established structure and technology among all main competitors in the mechanical carpentry sector, for this reason the key to success in the market is the optimization of the components to minimize redundancies and the ability to promptly satisfy the variegated customers’ demands while still keeping competitive prices.The major problem in the layout of these systems is the absence of standard rules or mathematical models, relaying mostly on the empirical norms derived from the experience of the designer, thus generating confusion and variants’ proliferation.For this reason, a standardized and optimized model for generating appropriate configurations according to functional specifics is the final goal of this work.To hit this target the development process has been analysed and reviewed all the way from the customer offer request to final layout definition, passing through the definition of the technical specifics, architecture of the handling system and inner structure of its components.The final result is a configurator that, taking the technical specifications of the client as input data, dynamically calculates the structure of the handling system adjusting even the composition of the elements it is made up of and their position for the layout.As a side project the configurator was used to create a model for cost estimation of the handling system in stages prior to the CAD design of its layout.

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