Neobeyrichia from the Silurian of Bjärsjölagård, Scania, Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Geologiska institutionen

Abstract: In Bjärsjölagård layer 1b the genus Neobeyrichia is represented by Neobeyrichia spinulosa (Boll) and Neobeyrichia regnans Martinsson. N. spinulosa dominates strongly. It is here redescribed and the appearence of the last moulting stage is described. N. spinulosa was a marine, benthic species. Previous reports of N. spinulosa from Gotland (Sweden) and Denny's Formation (eastern USA) are wrong. N. spinulosa is only found in Scania (Sweden). Bjärsjölagård layer 1b is correlated with the Hamra beds of Gotland and here also with the Pagegiai Etage (Latvia) by the presence of N. regnans.

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