Impact of covid 19 Pandemic on customers purchasing Behavior: Adoption of online services platforms.

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Abstract: Title: Impact of covid 19 Pandemic situation on customers purchasing Behavior: Adoption of online services platforms. Level: Final assignment for Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) Authors: Sheratun Jannat and Sajjad Aslam Toor Supervisor: Dr. Olivia Kang Examiner: Professor Akmal Hyder Date: 2021- January  Aim: The study aims to find the factors that impact consumer purchasing behavior on the Covid-19 pandemic and adaptation of online services platform. Methodology: A qualitative study was applied with the semi-structured online interview conducted with nine respondents from Stockholm and Gävle of Sweden. The collected primary data were transcribed, compared, and thematically analyzed with the literature reviews.  Findings and Conclusion: We conclude that Covid-19 impacts consumer purchase behavior. Besides, consumers adopted online services to purchase different items as per their needs. We have also found that various factors impact consumer online purchase behavior. Furthermore, trustworthiness and transparency is the essential factor that has implications on consumer online purchase behavior.  Contributions of the Thesis: This study suggests that online purchase behavior during Covid-19 significantly impacts the consumer. Besides, consumers face various impacts on online purchase such as product, price and quality, personality and characteristics, psychological, cultural and social, and trustworthiness and transparency. It is recommended for the managers to determine the impacts and develop strategies to maintain online business effectively.  Suggestion for future research: We suggest future research on a similar topic using a larger sample size. We also recommend a comparative study with two or more countries on a similar case to determine the differences and results. Focusing on different issues or services with a larger audience might be done for future research. Keywords: Covid-19 pandemic, Consumer purchase behavior, Online purchase behavior, Adoption of online service platform, and Factors impacting online purchase behavior. 

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