Is Sweden a paradigm of diversity managament in the EU? : A case study on the socio-cultural integration of non white Swedes into Sweden

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen


This thesis studies how a non-white minority integrates into Swedish society in order to better understand the particularities of Sweden’s immigration model and to see if it is as suitable as it is made out to be in EU circles. It does so through an exhaustive review and cross-examination of existing literature on immigration in Sweden, and by collecting opinions from members of a long established immigrant community: the Eritreans in Sweden. It calls for a more nuanced approach in education and society to issues of race and ethnicity, so that the majority of the population realizes that using and discussing these categories should not be avoided, because they are useful to come to terms with diversity. By not focusing exclusively on economic insertion, but by also placing emphasis on the socio-cultural integration of minority identities, it will point out to the need for more comprehensive integration policies that equate opportunities and chances of non-white Swedes with those of natives and ensure equal access to the labor and housing markets. It contends that ‘top-down’ legislation and systemic implementation of such policies foster feelings of ‘belongingness’ among non-white Swedes, and contribute to the creation of social capital and to the overall peaceful coexistence of Swedes of different cultural backgrounds. 

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