Rumours Matter : A Literature study on Honour killings Focusing on the link between gender, religion, and rumours

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen

Author: S Al; [2020]

Keywords: Honour killings; Religion; Gender; Rumours; Middle East; Islam.;

Abstract: This literature study investigates the link between gender, religion, and honour related violence with a focus on the intersection of rumours. Rumours as an intersection of honour will help to find out the answers to the research questions. The literature study concentrates on two honour killings cases, Fadime ’s and Sorya M. The research questions, therefore, will focus on three themes, religion and honour, gender, and honour and rumours and the side effects onMuslim women. At the end of the 20th century lots of families moved to Sweden; from different regions from the Middle East such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt; due to conflict. Those families like many other migrants brought their traditions and beliefs. Some of them successfully integrated into Swedish society while others; refused to integrate, holding their beliefs hard and ignoring some Swedish law and policy. The concept of honour killings was brought from theMiddle East, a term which will be explained further in the paper. Three Arabic migrant women interviewed in this study in order to discover the meaning of rumours and how it relates to honour killings. The results show that gender differences existed in Fadime and Soraya ’s case. Rumoursas honour intersection could cause to honour killings and violence. However, the term rumours were not discussed in previous literature was not mentioned in other papers.Honour killings exist in the Swedish society and the Middle Eastern society, but it is not related to the Islamic religion, rather than a tradition, therefore, the old Middle Eastern societies were based on power rather than gender equality and justice. Keywords: Honour killings, Religion, Gender, Rumours, Middle East, Islam.

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