International entrepreneurship orientation within Swedish born global companies in the ear- and headphone industry

University essay from Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Abstract: We have all read about the rapid development of today’s business landscape as well as the increase in globalization. Companies are forced to operate in new ways in order to stay competitive. At the same time, globalization has opened up new business opportunities for companies. This has lead to the emergence of born global companies, which carry out rapid internationalization processes from an early stage, and challenge traditional internationalization models such as the Uppsala model. According to existing literature, there are several challenges with adopting a born global strategy, and international entrepreneurship orientation becomes an important aspect in order to succeed. Finding a balance between innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactiveness is the key in order for born global companies to succeed in their internationalization process. This study investigates how international entrepreneurship orientation affects the internationalization process of born global companies in Sweden. I have, with the help of a qualitative study, looked into how Swedish SME born global companies in the ear-and headphone industry have managed to take on several international markets in their internationalization process and in what way international entrepreneurship orientation in combination with other factors have played a crucial role.

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