A self-serviced price calculator for modern IT services

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Abstract: As online shopping continues to increase in popularity, more and more pressure is put on businesses to reevaluate which of their services that can be sold from a web- site. While the telecom market for businesses still only use expert salespersons to describe and put a price on their services, innovative companies such as Telavox are looking into new ways of exposing more of their information online. By enabling the customer to become more self-serviced, the process from customer interest to purchase completion would be simplified. The cost for Telavox would decrease and the customer would gain more power to do their own research in their own time. Would potential customers be ready for this new development, or do they prefer the traditional way of having a salesperson guide them through the process? The challenge was to design a website for Telavox that could mediate complex information and guide the users in their choices. High usability was the focus of this master thesis. An iterative design process was applied and separated the project into five different sprints. After the first sprint, when background information was gathered and goals were set for the project, each sprint included a new prototype followed by an evaluation of the design. The final hi-fi prototype was a website with high functionality which was evaluated by a large usability test with 70 participants. In the end of the report the final result is discussed and conclusions are drawn about the design choices and how optimized the methods were.

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