FPGA based smart NIR camera

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi och medier

Author: Haoming Zeng; [2012]

Keywords: Road condition; traffic safety; WRM; NIR; FPGA;

Abstract: Road conditions are a critical issue for road users as, if not given sufficient attention, they may threaten users’ lives. The environmental parameters, such as snowy, icy, dry and wet, are important in relation to the condition of roads. This is particularly true in relation to the northern regions and greatest concern should be in relation to snowy and icy situations. In this thesis, a system based on an InGaAs area scan sensor utilizes NIR technology to detect water or ice on the road so as to enable drivers to avoid slippery road conditions. The conditions caused by freezing water on road surface are particularly dangerous and are not easy to observe and it is hope that this project will boost traffic safety. The system is able to assist road maintenance personnel in forecasting and detecting slippery road conditions during winter road maintenance (WRM). The system, which is based on FPGA, has functionalities that display the captured images on an HDMI monitor and send the images to the software on a host PC via the UART protocol. An interface board, which carries the sensor and which connects to the FPGA board, is developed for NIR sensor. VHDL implementation and PC software design are the works included in the project. Besides, this device is exploited utilizing InGaAs image sensor. According to its features, it can be applied in other applications which will also be discussed. Finally, experiments are conducted in order to investigate the system’s operation with the variation of temperature.

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