Employment Situation of Technical and Vocational Education Graduates in the Chinese Automobile Industry

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Abstract: Chinese technical and vocational education (VET) has been developed rapidly after the economic reform since 1978. The graduates from VET schools have become the important labour force in the Chinese labour market. There is a debate on the employment situation of the VET graduates. Throughout the previous research, most of them focused on the employment rate and returns to education. This study aims to illustrate the comprehensive employment situation of the current VET graduates from the perspectives of employment rate and employment quality —— career development prospects, employment satisfaction, employment stability and job suited rate. Based on a self-formulated questionnaire towards the Chinese automobile industry, the employment situation will be discussed among several dimensions such as gender, hukou system, companies of different property rights, working experience, studying years in VET schools.

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