Virtual size measurement for garments and fashion industry : Selection of right size at the online fashion buyers

University essay from Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kommunikation, medier och it


Internet is one of the major achievements of 21 century by human kind. Retailers have moved their business towards a global market through internet. Human computer interaction is getting enhanced in different contexts. Consumers can now access the global markets online for the sake of shopping. Fashion industry is getting tremendous popularity in an online environment. Fashion is transformed into digital fashion where people from all over the world have easy access to the world of fashion and can interact and get hands on every piece of art. They can simply buy any fashion product anywhere in the world. The most important part in this domain is the interaction of the consumer with the media for the sake of spending money for goods having a fashion designer at the back end. So here the interaction needs to be precise and specific, especially when it comes to the sizing phase of the activity called shopping garments online. This paper investigates the current sizing trends offered by online fashion retailers and proposes the preferred state interface in order to discover the facts that enables consumers to finalize perfect size for them. The focus is on female users. The results will lead to understanding of the cause of confusion that consumer faces in selecting right size while shopping garments online.

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