Transexotic : worse than dengue, better than LDS

University essay from Konstfack/Institutionen för Konst (K)



"Come as you are as you were as I want you to be"



Starter: Nachos with Mexican sauce.


Main course: Chilli con carne in Santa María taco shells, Fish in pasilla chilli and Rajas con crema y queso.


Dessert: seasonal delicacies.


Hostess: Rosinha Transexotic, a familiar figure to everyone from Evert Taubes The Girl from Havana and Lill Lindfors Teresa .


"The project Transexotic by the artist Carolina Nylund addresses international stereotypes, specifically the idea of " the other " as it may be projected or manifested through one's own personality. To what extent do we allow and accept that our personalities, our identities are formed in part by the limited two-dimensional caricatures invented and maintained by forces and phenomena external to us? Nationalism, patriotism, politics, ethnicity, subcultural affiliation, gender, sexuality, career, family: there are countless factors that may play a role in shaping an identity and which can also affect how we are perceived by others. And when we feel that gaze, how does that affect us? "

- Finbar Krook Rosato, Curator, Atelier 123. 

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