Towards simplicity by trusting the process: Making learning visible

University essay from Lunds universitet/Pedagogik

Abstract: We live in an age of fast changes, where updating has become a way of living; constantly forcing ourselves to change as we try to make sense of our existence. Thus there is a need for openness to the kind of learning which is incorporated with the individual’s process of change; a constant becoming through continuous forms of lifelong learning. In this qualitative study I explore and present two documented projects; involving Tetra Pak and Paradigm Strategic Communication. By using selected accounts from these documentations together with a theoretical framework I examine and try to illustrate how pedagogical documentation of various activities can make learning visible. Highlighting that by documenting activities new knowledge can be accumulated and can enable the participants to re-visit, reflect and grow with qualitative feedback. Although this study has its limitations, it will exemplify that by documenting various activities we can recognize moments of learning which can be found in daily interruptions. Thus it illustrates the relevancy of further studies.

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