Interaction between Sheet Pile Wall and Stabilized Backfill Material : Numerical Simulation

University essay from Luleå/Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering

Author: Ali Adil Majid Al-habib; [2012]

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Abstract: By the late of 2007, the port of Gavle authorities found out that the harbor capacity was not enough, and needs to be increased. This could be done by having new ports area, building new facilities and dredging the bottom of the sea near the harbor. The dredging of sediment will improve the navigation at the port. The upper layer of dredged sediment was found to be contaminated with harmful materials such as TBT, PCBs and metal parts. These sediments had to be amended with cement, fly ash and merit5000. The stabilized material were used as a backfill in reclamation of new areas for terminal expansion.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the interaction between the stabilized materials and the steel sheet pile wall. The cone penetration test data were used to evaluate the geotechnical parameters of the backfill material. Analytical calculations were used to illustrate the design of the sheet pile wall. Finite element method (PLAXIS 2D) was used to analyze the interaction of the sheet pile wall with the stabilized material.