Implementation and evaluation of spectral subtraction (SS) with minimum statistics and wiener beamformer combination

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för ingenjörsvetenskap


In mobile communication systems, speech signal can be distorted by acoustic noise such as babble speech noise. Such kind of noises can distort the quality of speech signal to a high extent. All speech processing equipments like the noise cancelling headphones and hearing aids should be able to filter different kinds of interfering signals and present a clear sound to the listener. Eliminating the noise present in the signal without affecting the original speech is a challenge and a topic of research in these days. This paper concentrates on enhancing the quality of speech and reducing the noise on same hand by making use of Wiener Beamformer and Spectral Subtraction based on minimum statistics. Wiener beam former is implemented based on sub-band approach and Direction of Arrival capabilities. Both the methods are cascaded in a unique fashion so maximum speech intelligibility is obtained. All the systems are tested with various positions of noise and speech source with reference to the microphone array. All proposed methods are implemented, evaluated and results are simulated using MATLAB. The performance of the method is analyzed using Signal-to-Noise Ratio improvement (SNRI).

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