Extramural English in the Global ESL Classroom : - A study of motivation, collaboration and learning in ESL

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för humaniora, utbildnings- och samhällsvetenskap

Author: Rasmus Detlofsson Svensson; [2017]

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Abstract: The purpose with this essay is to research the correlation between students’ motivation in activities and their English language learning. Since there are growing demands on young learners in Sweden to learn languages and a growing need from the global society of a shared means of communication, there is also a need to revaluate the ESL classroom activities. This essay is written as an argumentative text with support of recent studies and concludes with some suggestions for classroom activities for the ESL classroom, with the goal to create a more authentic learning environment for the students. The most important argument in this essay is that the teachers need up-to-date knowledge of the subject and of the different activities students use in their spare time to be able to create more authentic learning environment. Another argument is that there is a correlation between students’ motivation, their learning, and the students’ collaboration in the learning process.

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