Beam-steered Modulation in Advanced Antenna System

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The newer spectral bands in millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) spectrum over the last few years have made higher data rates possible and improved quality of service for the users, but it possesses new challenges to design spectral agile radios. Power Amplifiers (PA) are a crucial analog component connected to Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antennas which inherits non-linear effects. In addition, PA’s can experience strong load impedance mismatch conditions alongside mutual coupling effect in an antenna array when operating across varying beam angles over wide range of 5G bands. This thesis investigates development of a simulation technique for comprehensive analysis of nonlinear and dynamic characteristics of multi-antenna transmitters (Tx). The analysis is implemented by developing various antenna array models which takes joint consideration of antenna crosstalk and mismatch effects in multi-Tx system and capable of reflecting their behavior to developed load sensitive PA models. Further the dynamic behavior is studied with several experiments performed to analyze the beam steered modulation effects and factors contributing to it.

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