TEXTBOOK ANALYSIS IN AFGHANISTAN : Comparison of mathematics’ textbooks of grade 7-9

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Karlstads universitet

Author: Wali Bahader Tani; [2013]

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Mathematics education is considered indispensible for the improvement of curriculum and education system in each country. Similarly, in order to witness a positive and affective improvement in the curriculum and education system of Afghanistan, Mathematics textbooks have recently been revised by the Ministry of Education. Therefore, it was important to compare old and new textbooks of mathematics from some important learning and teaching approaches. Besides textbook analysis in lower secondary level, this study also analyzed the perceptions of different teachers regarding the recent change in the mathematics textbooks in lower secondary schools in Khost province, Afghanistan.

For this study which took place in 15 schools in Khost province, quantitative research method was used. 15 teachers were given questionnaires to fill in with their perceptions about the old and new mathematics textbooks.

It was found that new textbooks are better designed than old textbooks according to the teachers’ responses; therefore, all the teachers believed that new textbooks reinforce students’ learning by explaining charts, graphs and diagrams. Conversely, new textbooks are not easy for teachers to successfully teach new textbooks. Hence, it is to a large extent out of students’ cognitive development.

Teachers’ responses and perceptions regarding questioning, bringing examples and illustrations are discussed which teachers believed as the key approaches for the improvement of mathematics learning achievement. Additionally,

teachers believes about cognitive development of mathematics, design of old and new mathematics textbooks, mathematics concepts and their use in everyday life, contents and use of teachers’ guide of textbooks are briefly discussed in Afghan context.

The study contributed to existing knowledge in the area and the findings of the study are debatable because there are many issues and topics about mathematics textbooks to be explored. Different perspectives such as pedagogical and didactical aspects regarding old and new mathematics textbooks were discussed.

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