Can Universal Basic Income be a Sustainable Welfare instrument? A systematic literature review analysing implementations in eight countries and perceptions of Universal Basic Income since 2015

University essay from Lunds universitet/LUCSUS

Abstract: The current climate crisis together with growing global inequality requires a transformation of the economic systems. Sustainable Welfare is an emerging concept in which the welfare system seeks to meet everyone’s basic needs while staying within the planetary boundaries and decoupling the welfare-growth nexus. In this context, Universal Basic Income (UBI) is seen as one approach to support Sustainable Welfare. My study contributes to the debate by a systematic literature review of recent UBI research asking what the major claims, barriers and profiteers are and what influences the purpose and outcomes of implementation trials. The findings are that while UBI is seen as a tool that has the potential to support Sustainable Welfare its actual implementation is highly dependent on the economic constitution and the actors implementing it.

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