Industrial selling of services: a case study of the
construction industry in Sweden

University essay from Luleå/Industriell ekonomi och samhällsvetenskap

Abstract: The field of selling has evolved rapidly during the most recent decade,
changing the traditional view of selling from transactional focused to
relationship focused. Due to these changes a need for research within
industrial selling has been recognized. Furthermore, the growth of the
service sector has put emphasis on research within the area of selling
services. Thus, the research problem for this thesis has been to gain a
better understanding of industrial selling of construction services in

Two of the main areas within industrial selling are ”the selling process”
and ”team selling”. Therefore, these areas were chosen as research
questions for this thesis. A literature study was performed, where
theories regarding the chosen subject were found, and presented in the
Literature Review chapter. Through a case study, personal interviews were
conducted at two companies within the construction industry. In both cases
selling processes and team roles were recognized.

The findings of this thesis suggest that selling processes do exist in both
companies. It was also recognized that the selling processes varied
depending on type of selling situation. Neither of the processes found in
theory were directly applicable to the processes found in the study.
However, many of the processes found in theory were partly applicable to
the studied companies, where some of the stages in the selling processes
were similar between theory and the studied companies. In addition, all of
the team roles presented in the theoretical framework were recognized in
both companies. No additional roles were identified in this study.