Dealing with change:The ethical and organisational challenges of implementing big data practicesin a traditional Danish media company – a CSR study

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Purpose: This study aims at researching how the ethical issues raised by big data practices can be used to motivate internal CSR actions based on stakeholder engagement. Methodology: The study applies a qualitative approach based on a participant observation while the authors were doing an Internship in the innovation department at Aller Media A/S. A set of semi-structured interviews with employees of the company were conducted. Theoretical framework: Big data is analysed as an originator of issues around privacy; elements from CSR (stakeholder engagement) are analysed in order to reflect upon the managerial ethical landscape inside the organisation. Empirical foundation: In order to situate the reader a background of the company situation is provided, together with an overview of the project and the brand which is implementing the big data project. Semi structured interviews with selected managers from the company were conducted in order to get their insights around big data practices and ethical practices, The interviews were analysed in order to compare practices versus corporate structure around ethical guidance to provide the analysis’ foundation. Conclusion: The need to innovate decaying products based on printed media, drove the company to invest in big data practices to implement data-driven decision making processes. Such new technology also requires new organisational culture and high ethical standards by all involved employee, otherwise the company will still be at risk of falling into new privacy scandals as the Se&Hør scandal. Implementing a formal CSR structure based on stakeholder engagement raises as a suitable practice to litigate risks and harness the competitive advantages of big data practices.

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